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How Covid-19 Affects Travel Industry

22 December, 2020

Uncover Truth How Covid-19 Affects Travel Industry 

Travellers will call 2020 as the year of coronavirus. It has impacted every sphere of our lives and introduced us to a new normal. It led to an unparalleled global health, economic and social emergency. This new normal consisted of staying at home, wearing a mask and social distancing. This caused a huge downfall of our travel industry. Some countries completely sealed their borders to contain the growth of this virus and some adopted careful precautions.

Covid-19 & Travel Industry

The increased number of cases and the fear among the general public is what this year has left us with. UNWTO has stated that a rebound in international tourism can be seen by the third quarter of 2021 while things will return to 2019 levels by 2023. But the world has not stopped, airlines have started taking off and passengers are boarding it. Things do look a lot different than before and it should look like that because of the present situation. Seeing everyone around you with a mask on, is not what anyone would have imagined before. Carrying a bottle of sanitizer along with our water bottle, that’s not how a normal day out looked like.

Traveling restrictions as well as lesser readiness of people has left travel industries in a helpless position. The industry who used to generate one billion trips a year has drastically fallen because of the situation that demands to stay wherever we are. The major decline is seen in business travel as people are preferring virtual modes of meeting rather than in real life. We saw the peak of corona cases at the worst time possible, in summer vacations when the travel industry makes the most. And as the situation has not improved much, the festive season could not help in improving much of their losses.

Travel Industry Affects By The Lockdown

Tourism holds a good part of an economy and the way losses are being reported day by day is not a good sign for any country. Flights along with land and maritime transports, all have been going through a hard time. Hotels, majorly those who used to hold conferences or located near tourist spots are affected by it too. Travel industry was never ready for a situation like this and had not kept enough funds to go through a crisis. The fear and the deadly coronavirus have made things impossible to deal with.

But a ray of hope in the form of a vaccine is visible and things have started going back to normal with a lot of restrictions. Some airlines have reduced their fares to attract more traffic. Governments who are incurring huge losses have gradually opened their borders and allowed people to travel while taking all the necessary precautions.

Several nations have started to ease some of their restrictions carefully to help the travel industry grow again, mainly by lifting quarantines. People are only required to undergo Covid-19 tests 72 hours or less before departure from their home country. They can also undergo this test within 72 hours upon arrival.

Final Pen Down

People are still very doubtful about this and it is hard to gain their confidence. Therefore, having faith in an efficient travel agency is very important. We, at Jays travel, constantly care about our customers and their safety. Before booking, we make sure that their safety is not being compromised. 

From choosing the best travel route to managing the hotel booking, we take care of everything while maintaining all the necessary precautions. We have experience of more than 3 decades that help us to create a personal travel experience according to your interests. Our aim is to give you a lifetime of memories with affordable prices.